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Mpls parking ramps EV charger replacements/additions

Matt Christian

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My electrician friend won the contract to add and replace public EV chargers at several public parking ramps in the city of Minneapolis. Plans call for about 70 total plugs, mostly universal J-1772 style and probably keeping the existing ChargePoint network.


As part of this work, Ramp C will be getting public EV chargers for the first time. The ramp management said work is scheduled to start this December. The electrician wants to get started earlier, before the weather turns too cold. It's difficult to pull thick electrical wire through metal conduits outdoors in freezing day-time temperatures.


Part of the reason is due to downtown apartment dwellers with EVs who frequent these parking ramps don't have any other nearby, public EV charging spots. Also the ramp management heard from EV owners who complained about broken/damaged EV chargers, some haven't functioned in over a year, which are being replaced entirely. Finally adding more EV chargers in new ramps and parking areas, to increase availability and options.


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This is an interesting development.  It means that people are buying EVs without living in homes, more and more.  I admire their courage in the uncertainty of finding a place to charge, but I am even more pleased to see Minneapolis is responding with such support.

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