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Trailer preference

Keith Richard

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What are you planning to haul?  We have been hauling light loads (primarily kayaks) a short distance with a fairly traditional (~8'x5') utility trailer and it works really quite well. Efficiency goes down quite a bit so not sure I woudl want to go a long ways with it.  

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What accessories do I need for the new Model 3?


I just bought my 2023 Model 3. So far, I really enjoy it! My current car is a 2016 MX, so many things here are new to me. Try listing the things I need to order and seek advice. The following is my current idea, but I am looking for validation and any specific product suggestions, including any additions or deletions.


All weather 3D/TPE floor mats (I live in a small town in Utah, which is wet and dirty). What are recommended? How about TESERY's Tesla floor mats?


Pet seat cover (I like to bring my pet dog, but I am also worried about getting the seat back dirty, so what is the best product?) Central control storage box (less than a week after my Model 3 arrived, the items in the central control position were already in a mess)


Sunshade (The panoramic sunroof of Model 3 is very cool, but it's really sunny and hot in summer)


Are there any other recommended accessories that are essential for new cars? Thank you in advance for any suggestions you may have regarding the content here. I'm glad to adapt and familiarize myself with this new car!

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