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Model Y sighting in Tejon Ranch


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I wanted to assure everyone in Minnesota that the photo in Teslarati below is not Palo Alto, but actually Tejon Ranch.  It's a necessary stop between Los Angeles and Fremont/ Palo Alto, through the grapevine / Tejon Pass which is about 3400 feet in altitude. 


The white stuff on the mountains is indeed snow.  However, that is not salt in the parking lot, but sand blown across from the terrain. 


Unlike in some supercharger locations, this one does not sport people playing a pick-up game of frisbee, as a stray throw that clears the fence in the background will end up on the freeway. 


What's a big deal about this particular spot is that, clearly, it is out of the design studio and headed for some on-road testing now.  The pass is considerable and Tesla is benchmarking how it does in demand situations.  Given that this particular one has a trailer hitch, I would not be surprised if they start testing how it pulls with loads. 


It pains me to report that I missed being in on  this sighting by <24 hours.

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