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Dan Holtz

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Welcome to MNTOC.com! We have been working on this site for awhile now and I want to use this thread to showcase some of the features that are currently available as well as what is planned.


The first module that I will cover is the Calendar.

We currently have 3 different calendars:

  • Club Events - This will contain the "official" club events like monthly meetups, cruises, and other more Tesla focused events 
  • General Events - This will contain more general EV events or events that are being ran by other groups in the area
  • Impromptu - This will contain short notice events like a happy hour or other events with less than a few days of notice.

The gear icon next to the calendar name can be used to either do a one time download of the calendar that you can import into your calendar program of choice or you can use the subscribe option so that it will automatically show up in your calendar program as new events are added. This can be done using the "All Calendars" if you want to get everything or you can subscribe to individual calendars if you only want to see a subset of the events.

When you have an individual calendar selected you will also have the option of following that calendar. By following you will be presented with a few options on how you would like to be notified that there was a new event posted. You can also fine tune your notification options in your notification settings

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