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Model III Range variations


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I saw this article online and felt it was worth sharing.  It seems 2019 was the year of Tesla mucking with the available range.  It contains information about driving habits and the software updates.  If you own a Model III, this article is detailed enough to be useful.  It may only apply to Model III with the 2170 batteries, I can't know. 


I haven't updated my Model S in a year and I am very glad I didn't have to live through what I am calling battery range theater. 

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Can I place the 3D floor mat on the built-in floor mat of Model Y for additional protection?

It is not recommended to place 3D Tesla floor mats on existing mats. Because 3D floor mats (such as Tesery mats) are cut from the floor of Model Y, they are very suitable. They even provide a good raised edge to control spills. Therefore, if you have a new 3D floor mats, first remove the original floor mats and then put them on.

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