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2019 year end sales


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As 2019 draws to a close, Tesla is in a manic push to hit 100k deliveries.  Proof of that was my seeing 38 car carriers from Tesla on the freeways in CA yesterday.  A few times, they were being driven in a convoy, and I truly wish I could have caught that as a photo to share.  I know it will be hard to do anything big in the mid-West this close to the end of the year, so it makes sense that they are focusing on what they can transfer to owners in the next two days, which is short haul deliveries.


I'd love to hear how the Eden Prairie sales center is doing.  Three years ago, they were getting two carriers a week.  Then they got their inventory parking lot.  Someone want to go by today or tomorrow and get an update?

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I'm a new member and took delivery of mine December 26th. At the orientation class, they mentioned they needed all staff to do deliveries due to the year-end rush. We had standing room only in that class in late November.

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As far as our local MN stores we have moved more to a "they will tell us" if they need help model. With them having easy access to the engineering group they normally have more than enough staff for everything and until just recently have been space limited. I will be curious to find out more on how having the Maplewood location has helped that.

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