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Most reliable way to get to Bismarck, ND?


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Super-newbie here. Yesterday, I picked up my Model Y in Maplewood. This is my first EV and blog. I hope this an appropriate use of this site. I make frequent trips from Rochester to Bismarck (and back). The planned Superchargers in Fargo, Jamestown, and Bismarck will solve my problem, but those have been “almost done” for a long time. I have the PlugShare app and done a fair amount of research, but I haven’t been able to figure out if there’s a way to travel to get there without stopping someplace for several hours. Thanks much in advance for your help.

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On 3/21/2020 at 10:29 AM, Greg said:

Super-newbie here. 

Right now getting to Bismark requires patience and time.


Alexandria supercharger is up but the North Dakota superchargers are still being worked on and are not ready to be used.


ABRP will give you an idea but alas you will need to charge along the way.


If you ask in the #FB group you will get answers from folks who live in ND and travel here and back.


tl;dr: For now it is tougher than it needs to be but at some point in the near future it should be much easier.

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