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DanK Model S 60 for sale


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Hey everyone, I’ve been part of the group here for about 3 years. I have a Model S 60 with 97k miles on it, that I’m considering trading in to Tesla towards a new Model 3, but I would happily consider selling it to one of our group members instead if anyone is interested. I would simply ask for a bit more than their trade in price. A couple weeks ago I got a trade in estimate and it was $20k. I am hoping to get one of the inventory cars this coming week or two, so if anyone is interested, please let me know!


My Model S has a manual lift gate, but it does have navigation, LTE, good interior/door handle lighting, and rear wheel drive.


I do not have a facebook account anymore, so I figured this is all I could do for now, I trust the more active members here might be able to suggest this to anyone that asks on the Facebook page about older cheaper Model S’s


I have two sets of rims for this car, summer and winter. 


At the very least, if I trade my car in to Tesla, I’ll have one set of rims/tires that I’ll sell to someone. 


[email protected]


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