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Tesla Model Y Deliveries

Richard Burt

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I ordered mine (Long range, silver metallic, FSD) on a Friday about a month and a half ago, the next Friday I received a text that my car was being shipped to Eden Prairie and 10 days later I received a call that it was ready for pick-up. The delivery process went much quicker than expected. It’s my first Tesla and one month in I don’t see how I could ever go back to buying another Honda! It’s so much fun. 

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Any change in Model Y floor dimensions?

Has there been any change in the size of Model Y's footwell between 2020 and 2023? If there are no changes, I will take the old floor mats from my 2020 Model Y and use them on the new car; If it changes, I plan to buy a new set. I found a very good price for all-weather 3D Tesla floor mats on Tesery. I would like to place an order for my upcoming 2023 Model Y.

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All Weather 3D Model Y Mats VS Weathertech Model Mats I am looking for all weather mats for our newly acquired 2023 Model Y. The Tesla branded floor mats go for $225 and I am reading tidbits on this site the all weather 3D Tesla floor mats are made by Tesery. And Tesery is also selling all season mats for $169. Question is which ones are better? Do they look and feel the same or is there a difference?

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