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Looking for snow tires and 18" rims for M3

Patrick O'Neill

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Hello everyone, coming up on 1 year with my M3 and made it through last winter without snow shoes, but don't want to press my luck any more (it is 2020 you know... voted worst year in our lifetime). Sorry, I digress. Looking for 18" wheels with or without snow tires. 

First time posting so I hope I'm doing this right...and if not, hoping some kind soul will steer this post in the right direction. Thanks much.

-Patrick O'Neill


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Will do. Thanks much. I assume I'd have to have Tesla service mount them.

Tesla will do it all for $2K (rims, TPMS, tires and mounting) + $50 if you want the nut covers and a Tesla center cap decal (I've always been a believer in nut covers...).


Thanks again for the advice Mike.


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Eh, you don't need the service center to do the mounting and the rest.


If you go the Tirerack route you can do things yourself whenever you wish in terms of swapping back and forth (once per season change), and there are quite a few of us in this community with the tools that can give a hand.


Using the service center is quite convenient most of the time and you can use mobile service to schedule up wheel swap as well right in  your driveway. So there is that.

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