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Used Model X vs. New Model Y - Cold Weather performance

Dan Herscher

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My wife and I are looking to swap out our Honda van for a 7 seat Tesla. Used 2016 and 2017 Model X's can be found for nearly the same price as a new 7 seat Model Y. We'd like to go with a Model X as it's bigger but our biggest concern about going with a used Model X is how it will work in MN cold. If I understand correctly there isn't a heat pump in the older Model X's which means they rely on resistive heating? My wife wants to be sure that the cabin actually gets warm in the winter (we have a Nissan Leaf that doesn't ever really get warm with its resistive heater). 
We also visit my wife's parents several times during the winter (around 300 miles one way) and are concerned the 250 mile range of an older Model X might get reduced to 120 or less in cold temperatures (I've heard some people say they lose 50%+ range from their Model X in cold temps). 
Any first hand experience and advice from Model X owners on 1. if they actually get warm in the cabin and 2. how much range is typical to lose in the cold this would be much appreciated. 

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I drive a 2018 model x.  When I parked overnight, without a plugin, and the temperature was 20 below,. Cabin heat was no problem.  You need to preheat the battery for 30 to 45 minutes in order to have regenerative braking and considering that, a 50 percent loss in battery range is quite possible.  At more moderate temperatures it is much less of a problem.

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Opinion: I find the idea of 50% range loss to be unrealistic in my almost 100K miles of driving Tesla vehicles over the last 4 1/2 years.


Yes, there is some range loss. Yes you need to do some extra planning.


But still far more fun than driving a gasoholic vehicle!

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