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Service lifts at car shops

Andrei Sivanich

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Has anyone had experience with service lifts at a car service shop?  I've heard that you need to ensure the shop has an adaptor before putting the Tesla on a lift as a normal lift can damage the battery.  Has anyone had experience with this?  Do you know any shops that are familiar with Teslas for brake, tire work?





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Yes. I've had a few minor Tesla mobile service visits including tire rotations. Of course Tesla mobile techs carry the necessary "pucks" for lifting the cars properly. The friction brakes should rarely need much service on Teslas, due to the frequent regenerative braking. I know several Tesla owners with over 80K miles still on original brakes.


For mobile tire service, I highly recommend Tread Connection. Paul is familiar with and services a lot of Teslas so he has the proper lift "pucks" as well.  If you're in the Twin Cities metro area then Paul comes out to your home or work so tire installs or swaps are very convenient and fast. His van has all of the mounting and balancing equipment.


That's the extent of my Tesla service experience, very little maintenance needed over nearly three years...


- Matt

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Much appreciated Matt!  I'm on a three year lease and I don't anticipate much but we are headed out on a two week road trip.  Good to know about Tread Connection.


Interestingly our regular mechanic says he's interested in getting a Tesla!  He says EVs may put him out of business but he's close to retirement and loves the way they drive.

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