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Auto-high beam operation is terrible


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Hi, I don't know if anyone at Tesla actually will ready these entries, but I hope in one way or another others will chime in. And if there is a better way to report some of these issues I have been noticing and belief need to be addressed, please let me know.

My auto-high beam which turn on once the auto-pilot (non-FSD) is engaged are terrible, I have been traveling regularly in the morning on a semi-busy highway and I see my high beams not turning off, when cars are in front of me (200-400 yards in front), or even cars are in the oncoming lane(highway has a concrete divider), like semi truck coming at me.

This is very annoying, as I have to manually turn off the high beam by pushing the left stock forward. I assume this is due to some sensors having been eliminated from the tesla models, relying on cameras only.

In comparison I have no issues at all with recognizing cars in the same situation with my Q7. 


Have people similar issues with their 2021 model Y?

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I am not aware of any official Tesla representation or employees in this club forum. It's more used for/by owners and enthusiasts, fairly low usage volumes. I've heard the Facebook group is much more active.


I don't currently use/enable auto-high beams on my 2018 Model 3. Due to the places I go and types of driving that I typically do in the dark, I don't often have a legitimate need for high beams. If I turned on high beams, either manually or automatically then I'd end up needing to switch them off due to high cross traffic anyway.


Come to think of it, on my previous vehicles I rarely used high beams either. That setup was all manual since other cars were not luxury/high-end types.


Maybe some other Tesla owners will chime in on their auto-high beam experiences.


- Matt

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MYLR did not come with floor mats


I recently took delivery of my new 2023 MYLR. Unfortunately, the car did not come with any floor mats. Has anyone gotten floor mats with MYLR? I would to purchase some 3D floor mats, do you have any ideas? How about Tesery’s all-weather 3D Tesla floor mats? Because I have looked at some third-party websites' Tesla floor mats and currently feel that Tesery is the best in terms of evaluation, pricing, and professionalism.

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