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Very poor delivery and service experiences


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I was very underwhelmed with the delivery experience of my 2022 Model S.  I was required to pick it up at the maintenance facility which was not a pleasant experience and the process started 45 after my appointment time.  Compared to other premium cars I have purchased this is by far the worst delivery experience I have had with any car.  After a few days of driving the vehicle I have a safety system fault error that has been going off (and chiming) about every 60 seconds when driving the vehicle.  I have been trying to get it serviced for over three weeks now.  I have had three scheduled appointments and they have all been rescheduled the day before my appointment.  The new appointment times have been assigned without consultation and without notification.  I have had to log onto the app to see that it was changed.  So far my experience has not been good and frankly I regret purchasing the car.

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