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Surveillance Detection Scout for Tesla


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Interesting, I will have to watch the video when i am somewhere i can use sound but im curious on the implementation. The video made it look like the alert was presented pretty quickly so it seems he must be scraping the video in near real time. 

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Yeah I was curious on that part, i feel like that hardware is a bit over kill since you can run a somewhat decent vision neural net on much less powerful hardware. Realistically it wouldn't need to be 100% real time to still be interesting in any case.

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On 8/20/2019 at 6:16 PM, Aaron M said:

I would be down to try this out but IDK about spending that kind of money to do it

I can't as of yet as college is freakin' expensive and all the things you gotta buy to send a kid off.. But maybe closer to the holidays.


Could be super neat. Could be awful. Who knows?!?

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