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Which Accessories to Buy at Order Time vs After Delivery of Model Y?

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I have no experience, so I would like to ask everyone, is it meaningful to choose these when delivering? Or will you buy it after the car arrives? The Tesla accessories I am currently considering include floor mats, roof rack, and seat covers. I have read a lot of information and reviews about these accessories on many third-party websites. In contrast, I believe that Tesla accessories like Tesery have the highest cost-effectiveness. Let me explain the reason, please help me see if it's reasonable or not.


Floor mats - Floor mats are essential accessories that I definitely want to buy. And I heard that Tesla's built-in foot mats are made of flocked material, which is easy to get dirty and difficult to clean. I read the reviews of 3D Model Y floor mats on Tesery and they were mostly positive, and they only cost $169, which is not expensive.


Roof rack - This is one of Tesla's most popular accessories, and I believe in the wit of Tesla car owners. I plan to start a month long trip when my Model Y arrives, and I really need a sturdy, lockable Tesla roof frame. The TESERY Model Y roof rack perfectly meets my needs.


Seat Covers - Tesery offers a variety of colors and styles of Model Y seat covers to choose from, which I find very thoughtful. I want to buy a set of white seat covers to match my white interior.


If you have a better idea, please let me know. thank you!

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