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Is it wise to purchase all-weather floor mats from Tesery for the 2023 Model Y?

Martin Tomas

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I don't like the OEM Tesla floor mats because they are too easy to get dirty and the dust on them cannot be removed. I have learned a lot about floor mats recently. I originally wanted to purchase all-weather Tesla floor mats from some third-party websites, but I have seen many complaints, except for Tesery. I looked at the user's comments on the details page, so I was very moved. But for the sake of safety, I hope to hear more real usage experience and sound. My suggestion for what I may want to see/hear is:


1.(Important) Does the appearance quality of the product look good in person?

2.How easy/difficult is it to install them in the appropriate location? How is the fit?

3.(Applicable to waterproof/waterproof situations), how easy is it to rinse/clean?

4.Is there a label, logo, visible stitching, or strange pattern on the surface of the floor mats?

5.Do you think they are worth it?


The floor mat is the first accessory I want to purchase. After I confirm the effect of installing the foot mat, I will consider looking at other accessories. Thank you for your suggestions and ideas!

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