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Therapy Super-Dog Org Needs Tesla Member Support

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Hello Local Tesla Family Members,


We're posting with a need aimed at leveraging Tesla and its stakeholders to help kids going through massive trauma.


The Mission


By spring, we hope you can help us create a Disney-like mobile therapy experience for brave kids, pairing therapy dogs and play therapy (toys) puppies. This "RoseMobile" spaceship can be seen here: https://www.rosiepups.org/rosemobile


The Program


We acquired a Model X to serve at-risk children comfortably, accessibly & emission-free in Minnesota. We'll park it outside of ambulatory clinics for pediatric patients to say hello to our dogs (sitting underneath our gull wing doors) before or after chemo, dialysis, prosthetic fitting, etc. We desperately need Tesla owners to unite in helping us. We need:


-Rear seat retrofit (dog petting station)

-3M Wrap

-Hopefully, pay off for our car loan ($50K)




-See places we'll go here, https://www.flipsnack.com/586DDA5569B/rosiepupscomic2/full-view.html |

-See our other program & partnership comics, here: https://www.rosiepups.org/comics


Any ideas or support are greatly, greatly appreciated. Door sponsorship is available!!! (See photo link above for placement)


In service,


Steve Coonan & Kaylee Wallin

[email protected]



A Minnesota 501(c)(3) Non-Profit


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