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UEone pop-up charge point

Matt Christian

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The London, UK startup named Urban Electric is crowd-source raising funds for their UEone pop-up charge point.


My initial thoughts:


  • The pop-up EVSE/charger mechanism that lowers to be flat at ground level is geeky cool and looks futuristic. 😎
  • EV owners in UK/Europe need to carry their own charging cables to use at most public EVSEs. Bring Your Own Cable (BYOC).
  • I wonder if/how US/NA public charging would be handled with typical cable/cord management?
  • Obvious concerns about ice, snow, etc. blocking or breaking the pop-up mechanism in colder climates (i.e. Minnesota winters).


Even in metropolitan areas such as Minneapolis and St. Paul, there are many drivers who regularly park vehicles on the street. So the (modified) idea could be applicable in MSP area, not just in London, UK.

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