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2012 GE Wattstation - $75 to whoever wants to fix it


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I have a 2012 GE Wattstation EVSE that is starting to make a lot of chatter then throws a steady red LED (i) on the front panel when it tries to initiate a charging session.  I've stopped using it and now use the mobile charger instead.  Anyone who wants to try to fix it, or part it out can have it for $75.   I will even deliver it for free in the twin cities metro area (any excuse to take the Tesla out for a drive!)

The 18 foot flexible J1772 cord is probably worth some $$$ alone.  I hardwired the input, so it no longer has the factory NEMA 6-50 plug, but there are wire lugs and 3/4" conduit KO's for landing house wiring to it.    It's rated for 30 amps max output (7.2kw) .   It has an oversized 90 amp lighting contactor inside it.  Mounting frame, lock and 2 keys included.

It has faithfully charged a 2012 Leaf, 2013 Leaf, 2016 Tesla and a 2018 Leaf until last week.

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