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Another lawsuit, solar powered this time

Aaron M

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I cant speak for their service or quality but this doesn't look good and I cant imagine they'll get out of this one with multiple fires on record.

Also probably something to be aware of if you were considering going solar thru them


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It was, notably, a SolarCity installation.  I do wonder if, given that it is Wal-Mart, that rats got onto the roof and chewed through the wires.  It also could be inadequate ventilation or water drainage.  Who did the installation?  Who else goes on the roof?  Sabotage?  Despite evidence to the contrary, I am ruling out aliens.

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Well Elon has been involved with solar City before it was bought by Tesla so to me being technically a different company really doesn't mean a whole lot. But yeah seems kinda strange. The details of them cutting corners on the inspections are kinda concerning though.

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