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Is a X with ten repairs an unusual lemon?

Matt Christian

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My co-worker has a 2016 Model X. He's been upset lately since has required ten repairs total since brought it home new.


According to him, several of the repairs were life-safety related including bad/broken seat belts, steering wheel/linkage problems, etc. Others have been just minor annoyances or cosmetic defects. Nothing has gone wrong with the falcon wing doors (yet). Also nothing wrong/bad with battery, drive train, charging, etc. Most of the X repairs have been "bring into the SC" type, not available via mobile service.


From what I've heard from other X owners, the "earlier" years have required more repairs. So I'm not surprised by what I heard.


He admits that his kids "beat on" the X, since primarily used as a kid transport vehicle by SO. They drive X over 25,000 miles per year which is about double the US average. He thinks that Tesla vehicles aren't meant to be used/driven like a family mini-van.


He said that he's "done with Tesla", supposedly looking into lemon laws and wants to turn it back in and "get something else". I believe that he paid > $110K for his X brand-new, still owes money on it and it will have depreciated greatly since then.


I don't have a dog in this fight, just curious since I hear his complaints and rants.


Is he being irrational or impatient? Other thoughts from X owners?



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I have a 2017 x and a 2019 x. There is a def build quality difference between them. The 2019 has been flawless. 


The 2017 has had a couple of minor issues. I had a passenger window get stuck down, a bad sensor in the falcon wing, and several yellow rings on the mcu.


When I was looking to buy the first one the word on the street was that the early vins had some build issues.


He has had it for almost 3.5 years and has 75k ish miles. I'd say his experience is below average but not out of the realm. In an ice he would have been in more than 10 times for just oil changes...


I can't imagine going from a tesla back to an ice.

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I cant speak to the X specifically but I have put plenty of miles on my cars over the years, at times with an average of the same miles. As far as using the car that much I dont see any reason you can blame Telsa as my cars have held up exceptionally, that said im not hulling around a load of kids with them. As far as the safety fixes that they have had done I would be curious to find out more about them and if any of them were not critical safety issues that were being proactively fixed. 


I am no expert on lemon law dealings but I don't think that is they way they work. I think if the issues are getting fixed they aren't qualified.

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Thanks Jay and Dan for your thoughts.


Apparently the '16 X in question has a low VIN, may have even been one of the first X sold in MN. From my (limited) understanding, the safety fixes were recall-related, i.e. proactively corrected as part of a larger safety campaign. Somehow he thinks this is not acceptable, although I would argue that every vehicle manufacturer has defects and recalls. Again, personally I'm not surprised by the troubles, recalls and repairs needed with an "early model".


The X has moved into low WAF - Wife Acceptance Factor - territory, that's probably the real underlying reason for wanting to be done with it. He makes it sound like it's a huge hassle for their family to bring the X into Eden Prairie and be without it for days. Of course, Tesla's slow repair times are well known and part delays are documented, so that's another underlying reason.


You're right that oil changes and such in ICE are nearly just as inconvenient. Sounds like he was previously spoiled by a brother in law who worked at a dealership, who would come pick up their vehicle for service and drop off later the same day.  Obviously this is an unusual situation, paid the dealership $$$ markup, and cannot be reproduced for most people.


After further discussions with my X owning co-worker, now he's contemplating trading in the X for a 3! Totally different purpose, more of a commuter car rather than kid hauler. Get a cheaper mini-van or SUV for hauling the kids. So he may not be "done with Tesla" as he said in anger while contemplating the "lemon laws". 😉





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I know folks, like Jay, doing far more than 25K a year without hassles or issues reaching this level.


The more recent build periods are doing much better in terms of the rando fixes and adjustments. Those early VINs are notoriously horrible if you have issues. Like Mr. Hong and his 3 digit serial number.


Another friend is currently doing ~40K a year in his X, December 2017 delivery and his only difficult issues have been half-shaft replacement as they weren't engineered well enough but that is all resolved. Other than an alignment issue with the FWD causing some wear on paint I don't think he has had anything else really of note.


Jump over to Jeanette's X as an August 2017 build and it has been a very interesting unicorn with one of a kind failures. Too many to really make light jokes of.


Tell your friend we're sorry on behalf of .. just kidding. It sucks and I hope for the best for him and his wife.

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No lemon laws wouldn't apply here, they would have to constant problems not just ten.... maybe if it was 10 in the first month. Recalls/updates aren't exactly considered problems as far as lemon law is concerned, but totally sucks if they don't live near by. They should have been given a loaner so shouldn't be that much of an issue.

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