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Dickinson, ND supercharger


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Today was a momentous day.  Not only did Tesla finally break ground in North Dakota, but our very own Brian K. was there for the event at the Dickinson, ND Qdoba Mexican Grill.  For his efforts at the State Legislature, he was even allowed to swing the first blow with the pickaxe.  After 500 days of languishing in the permit office, the promise made by Elon Musk over 5 years ago is finally coming to fruition. Evident of his commitment to a state that not only has a fine for ICEing a charging station, but also has a common sense EV road use tax, Elon Musk himself appeared for the ceremony.  I do believe he had a rough flight, though, he appears rather stiff in the photo.  Three local Tesla owners and their respective vehicles were on-site as well to welcome the beloved champion of electrifying transportation to their city. 


I urge everyone in Minnesota to make a trip for the grand opening later this year.  Who knows who will be there... in the flesh!!!!




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1 minute ago, Matt Christian said:

Thanks @mike I am not on FB so I didn't know the origins. Anyway it's good to finally see SC progress in ND.

That's why this is here.


Also #fb has so much that makes life difficult going on as well, besides just being #FB

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6 hours ago, mike said:

They were just taken from #FB without attribution.

No, they were taken from Brian Kopp directly.  I managed to call him yesterday and he forwarded them.  Also, you'll note I no longer exist on FB. 

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I had a chance to discuss this supercharger with a Tesla employee this weekend.  They are starting in Dickinson, ND and heading East as a team along I-94.  This will all be Supercharger V3's, whereas the more charger-populated zones are going to be working through the pre-V3 hardware inventory first. 

This will be an 8-slot supercharger station, which for no reason seems to be a bit disconnected on the West side.  You can get into North-Eastern Montana, for some lone Tesla driver who considers that a destination.  Miles City would be an obvious reconnect to get over to Bozeman and points further West. 

What makes more sense is that Brian has become such a visible advocate, having appeared twice before the ND State leadership, is that Tesla is basically saying "Thank you for your patience and hard work, Brian."

If you think about it, Brian was able to help get the anti-ICEing law put through, as well as a common sense road tax for EVs.  There is still a few battles to be won, and a club as strong as this one should be standing up and doing their part. 



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The path to Billings is likely just delayed by we have only so much time/capital. The traffic really drops off west of Medora until you get to about Glendive, MT.


If I was a betting man, I'd guess the next chargers in ND would be in Williston, Minot and Devil's Lake (High Line).


In MT, I'd guess a string of Glendive and Miles City maybe 2020? 150 miles from Miles City to Billings is reachable and there isn't a lot in the middle. Glendive opens up NE MT (Glasgow Area) kind of. But it's pretty sparse up there...

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