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Back seat dome light


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So I've just gotten home from going out with friends for pie (something to do with Supernatural). As I don't normally sit in my back seat, it didn't occur to me to warn them how bright the some lights are when on. The two people in the back stated that it wouldn't hurt so much if the lights were a little more forward instead of right in line with their eyes. I'm driving a 2012 Signature, so I'm not sure if the lights have been moved in later models. Anyone willing to see if them get blinded in their back seat? It's for science!

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1 hour ago, mike said:

probably gonna need some pictures to compare things!


My S goes back to big T on Friday - I'll try and snap some if I can remember.

I'm also hoping to maybe take some measurements. I'll update when I get that done, possibly tonight.

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