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Insured by Tesla


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Tesla Insurance

is out.  At least for CA.  I will report on what the difference will be versus my current, Minnesota-based carrier, as a CA resident.  My guess is it will not be competitive because:

#1 I have a house bundled with my current coverage

#2 I have no self-driving ballyhoo

#3 They are inexperienced


My expectation is that it will be in line with this:

Early pricing evaluations on TMC


Don't bother checking, the site is off-line.  Someone didn't load-test!

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If its within a buck or 2 I'll probably switch just to divert money out of typical insurance companies.


I was also kinda thinking that you would probably get a better deal on replacing your car if that would ever need to happen or maybe even faster. As I don't see myself driving anything other than a Tesla at this point its something to consider.

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