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[SOLD] Model S All-Weather Interior Set

Aaron M

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Model S All-Weather Interior Set Black (gen 2) (front and back row)

These are made by WeatherTech but told by Tesla and say Tesla on them


Not even 2k miles on them before I pulled them from the vehicle so the 2nd row mat would have even less use


I'm asking $100 (comes in original box)

If you are considering buying these mats at all try mine for less $ or buy a different brand, don't waste your time/money on buying them from Tesla

I'm pissed they wont let me return them so be aware your stuck with them at full price if you buy them new

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  • Dan Holtz changed the title to [SOLD] Model S All-Weather Interior Set
18 hours ago, Dan Holtz said:

Just updated the title with [Sold] in front of it. I think the OP can do the same but I should write up some guidelines for this section eventually.

Just FYI I'm not seeing anywhere to edit the title or even the body of the post anywhere. After you make a post the edit option (at least for me) is only there for like 5 min then seems to time out

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