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Model 3 One Year Ownership Summary


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Tesla Model 3, LR, AWD, Enhanced Autopilot - One Year Ownership - 29,000 miles located SE Minnesota


We are excited to celebrate our one year anniversary of taking delivery of the Model 3, LR, AWD with 18” aero wheels.  The car is beyond fun to drive and the car’s feedback loop is continually making the car better. Over the past year we have given demo rides to numerous friends, family members, co-workers, early adapters in our community and even some who have simply stopped to ask questions.


People often ask us about range anxiety and maintenance costs. To celebrate our experience we offer you our one year summary:


We took delivery on August 10th, 2018

Put snow tires on at 6,800 miles (we live in a rural area)

Rotated snow tires at 13,000 miles

Put summer tires back on 19,700 miles

Rotated summer tires at 27,000 miles.  We will replace our summer tires next spring when we take our snow tires off.

Filled windshield washer fluid twice.

Changed cabin air filter at 28,500 miles.  Note this was completed by Tesla’s Mobile Service saving us a six-hour, round trip to our closest service center in Eden Prairie, MN at no extra cost!  Total replacement cost was $67.42!

We have washed our Model 3 more over one year’s time than we had all our previous cars put together!


Normally we charge at home at night using a NEMA 14-50 outdoor wall plug that uses off-peak power.  We love waking up to a car that’s charged to meet our daily needs whether that is a 65% charge or 100% charge.  During the last year we have super charged 79 times for a total cost of $449.88. Our average cost per charge was $5.70 and our average super charging time has been 32 minutes.  We also used destination chargers at lodging facilities and two RV parks to charge in remote areas.


During our trips, we used “A Better Route Planner” and loaded it into the car’s computer to display on the screen.  We personalized the planning data based upon our current situation (average wh/mi, temperature, wind, road conditions). We set our lower battery arrival level at 20% to cover for unknown elevation changes and weather conditions (temperature, precipitation and wind).  Using their recommendations, we selected superchargers or destination chargers from the Tesla listings. Most of our miles have been driven on Enhanced Autopilot.  


Our lifetime wh/mile for the year is unknown but we started with TeslaFI on January 1st, 2019.  Since that time TeslaFI has tracked 17,350 miles with a 269 wh/mile average with our average temperature being 55 degrees F.  Over the same time period, our battery has degraded 2.4% Since January, we have received 8 over the air updates averaging 22 days between each update.  


One of our most memorable experiences was while we were supercharging at the Flying J Travel Center in Fort Stockton, Texas.  A father came up with his twelve-year old son while we were eating in the Travel Center. He asked if were were the owners of the Model 3.  It was the first one they’d seen. The son knew everything about the specs of the Model 3. They both smiled as we showed them our car. His son’s knowledge, excitement and pure joy in witnessing an all-electric vehicle gave us hope for the future.

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