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Door handle issues


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So, both of my passenger doors won't release. I could just have them both replaced or I could get a couple of these (https://evtuning.com/products/tesla-model-s-door-handle-microswitch-harness-replacement-for-1016009-00-c?_pos=5&_sid=ed70b167c&_ss=r) and replace those parts. There's a video out there showing how to do it though it's kind of intimating. Has anyone thought of doing this or something like it themself? Someone on the Facebook group had a handle that's not releasing. It seems that Tesla isn't making decent handles since ever. At what point will the aftermarket take over with replacement parts that are of higher quality?

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The standard action for the Tesla service center is to replace the entire assembly, not just the switch.  I met the guy who fixed the "door handles not extending" for Tesla.  What he said was the matter with the original handles was that there was an actuating pin which was only held together with one weld and it should have been four.   Something about a Mexican imported part, I don't remember the rest of his rant. 


I watched the video and I know this about him: he's burned up a Tesla because of a battery fault he may have caused.  I admire his courage but it is clear he doesn't have gifted fingers.


My suggestion is to hire someone who has gifted fingers to do the work with the part you found, such as PZ Global Auto.  Here are things I would probably do wrong:


  • I'd drop at least half those screws into the door.
  • I might fail during the trim removal and not use a soft trim removal tool with a plastic face, scratching something. 
  • I might lose track of which screw went where during reassembly. 
  • I might put strain on a wiring harness causing a short.

The 15-minute video looks like a 4-hour project for someone at my skill level.  Caveat Owner!


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