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hemp batteries better than lithium and graphene

Aaron M

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On 9/23/2019 at 2:32 PM, Vexar said:

I am so sick of the smell of pot out here in CA.  Other than rope and sails, I think hemp is essentially snake oil for all these other panacea benefits.  I don't trust them to tell the truth or think straight, the dopey fools. 

lol Well I don't trust pharmaceuticals, remember if medications worked you wouldn't need a refill.
Anyways this has nothing to do with smoking it and hemp only contains CBD

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If you're asking which plant stinks then they all do, hemp just has a more earthy grass type smell but still there's a smell. From the plant perspective its just a safety mechanism to deter animals from eating it which isn't exactly uncommon for plants. Like legit almost every herbs smell keeps away some insect or animal. You must just find mint or rosemary more pleasant.

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21 hours ago, Will Andrews said:

Sorry, this doesn’t actually make sense. That’s like saying, if food worked you’d never need to eat again. Biochemically speaking, everything has a limited lifetime. 

Its implying its not a "cure"

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