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Welcome to the soft launch!


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You can just respond to this post with comments here for all of us to see and respond to. 




As I brought up last night during the meet up you are welcome to send me your feedback and I'll aggregate it to @Dan Holtz and anyone else involved with things, which right now is pretty much he and I. Mostly just him.

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So we have users, we are starting to get some content, but we need you. Yes, you, to find it useful. To that end we need your feedback.

I know, sounds like I am whining, but perhaps that is what it is! Help us help you help make this club even greater than before.

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18 minutes ago, Keith Richard said:

Every time I use Tapatalk I get an email that a new browser has logged in from this forum. Anything that can be done in the forum side?

I don't see how we have anything to do with Tapatalk.



Is the email from Tapatalk or from the website?


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2 hours ago, Dan Holtz said:

I am pretty sure that my connections are only coming from ipv4, like I can open tapatalk look at the forum, close it, open it again a few minutes later and I will get 2 emails.

Uh that is the suck..

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